BRITISH KRAV MAGA NATIONAL GRADINGNational Grading August 7th 2016

British Krav Maga Association Official Grading

Date: Sunday the 7th of August 2016

Time: 10:00 until 15:00

Location: The Small Gym. Clifton College Sports Centre. Gutherie Rd. Clifton.Bristol BS8 3EZ

Grading with the BKMA

Gradings should not be undertaken lightly. BKMA Gradings are highly physical and require preparation to pass. Candidates should be familiar with all techniques to be tested and able to perform those techniques under pressure.

Grading Requirements

Candidates must have their Instructors consent to grade.

Candidates must wear appropriate BKMA T shirts

Candidates must have trained twice weekly for at least 4 months between grades P1-P3

Candidates must have trained twice weekly for at least 8 months between grades P4-P9

Required Kit

All candidates will need:

Food and Fluids for up to 5 hours high-intensity training.

Candidates grading at P.3 and above will require

Candidates are required to have the following safety equipment at P.3 or above.

 We require all candidates have:

1. Boxing Gloves (12 oz or more)

2. Gum Shield

3. Groin Guard (both genders)

4.Heavy duty shin and instep protectors

We recommend the following:

1.Forearm protectors

The Association CAN NOT GRADE candidates without appropriate safety equipment.

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