Krav Maga Instructor Course August 2016 £999

Become a British Krav Maga Licensed Instructor

British Krav Maga run one of the most comprehensive Krav Maga Instructor Courses outside of the Israeli Defence Forces. The British Krav Maga Licensed Instructor Certification Programme is renown as quality mark professional certification in authentic Israeli Krav Maga.

Course Dates and Duration

The next course dates are Saturday the 13th of August until Saturday  the 21st of August – 8 Days. The course results in the Junior Instructor Award, the point at which you may begin teaching.  To achieve the Full Graduate Instructor level Award candidates complete a 2nd phase of training to develop on existing skills and proceed.

Course Pre requisites

A minimum of 3 years consistent training in a striking system, krav maga, boxing, thai boxing, kickboxing or MMA. Candidates need to be training regularly on 2 occasions or more a week.

Special consideration will be made for existing Kravists who train with British Krav Maga or other larger, credible organisations.  Candidates need to be physically fit, able to demonstrate the following basic techniques with skill and efficient bio mechanics:

  • Jab,cross, hook drills to focus mitts
  • Bobbing and weaving with strikes to focus mitts
  • Straight and thai kicks to Thai pads
  • Clinching with knees to Thai pads
  • Light sparring with good form

Note: Allowance are made for style/system variations, candidates need to demonstrate a reasonable skill base.

Phase 1 course contents

History and Evolution of Krav Maga
Introducing Krav Maga Skills
Introducing coaching and class room skills
Theory Block: Skill acquisition and learning models
Close Quarter Combat : stand up – ballistic striking and blocking
Close Quarter Combat: stand up – blocking, movement & defensive skills
Coaching block – power generation and the kinetic chain (Slow motion video and adavnced coaching)
Close Quarter Combat: stand up – Escapes and Releases
Close Quarter Combat: stand up – surviving edged weapons
Close Quarter Combat: stand up – surviving impact and stick type weapons
Close Quarter Combat: stand up – use of improvised weapons
Coaching Block: Weapons survival – teaching and structure
Fighting from the ground
Final Testing and Evaluation

Phase 1 leads to Junior Instructor certification.

The British Krav Maga Difference

krav maga trainingThe British Krav Maga Instructor training model is unique. Instructor training is based on a model of small group coaching with post qualification mentorship and support. Instructor Candidates are coached in small groups with a high level of individual tuition over the course.

Instructor development continues on after certification where licensed instructors are provided with business mentoring, a school start up programme, and continued professional development.

What we do

British Krav Maga provides a high standard of professional training for those wanting a credible Krav Maga Instructor certification.  As one of the UK’s most widely know Reality Based brands, our name alone is often enough to populate classes of students looking for a high standard of professionally taught Krav Maga.

British Krav Maga licensed Instructors are provided with a level of support and instructor development that is unparalleled in the industry. From small group coaching, specialist instructor development, business mentorship, business training (for those wanting to go full time), marketing materials, lesson plans, specialist coaches and more.

What we don’t do

British Krav Maga do not provide quick instructor courses or online certification.

We will not certify candidates who do not meet standards expected of a professional instructor and we adhere to meaningful entry requirements and assessment processes for potential instructors.

Apply to become a British Krav Maga Licensed Instructor

To apply to become a British Krav Maga Instructor please complete the form below. We have 8 places available for August 2016

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