british krav magaBritish Krav Maga Beginners F.A.Q

What is Krav Maga?

Krav Maga is a method of hand to hand combat originating in the Israeli Military. Developed by Imi Sde Or  in 1948,  Krav Maga was originally developed as the Israeli Defence Forces needed an effective programme of Close Quarter Combat skills suitable for urban warfare. Krav Maga is now the largest Reality Based Self Defence system in the world and is still taught to thousands of military and police units  and to millions of civilians worldwide. [What is Krav Maga Article]

What will I learn?

The British Krav Maga curricula covers athletic performance training, striking, grappling, weapons defences and a specialist Krav Maga Fight Programme for those interested in sparring. Krav Maga offers incredibly varied and versatile training whether you are interested in a realistic self protection system, an exciting athletic performance programme or a recreational combat sport programme, BKMA Krav Maga has something for you.

I am unfit, older or have an injury ?

Around 80% of those starting do so to improve their fitness and self confidence. This is entirely normal and we can scale activities to suit your ability. 

Krav Maga does not emphasise high kicks or complex movements so older Kravists can train with relatively simple adjustments in the intensity and recovery. We frequently see 50+ year old Kravists who are fitter and stronger than new students in their 30’s. We have had members in their 70’s training in class with younger Kravists with relatively minor differences in their training. We can work around most injuries as long as you are safe to train in a dynamic environment – Krav Maga has something to offer you.

How long before I am competent in Krav Maga?

The answer to this is highly individual and depends on numerous personal variables. Frequency of and commitment to training are more significant than fitness, natural ability or previous experience. British Krav Maga schools offer a specific 16 week programme (Fast Start), designed to accelerate your performance in the most efficient manner. Generally, Fast Start provides novice students with no previous martial arts background, sufficient skills and confidence to handle common street threats.

Does it cost a lot?

British Krav Maga clubs offer free Try Krav Maga sessions once or twice a week. If you decide to take up Krav Maga you will usually pay between £40-£60 a month for regular lessons depending on location. Expect to pay more for city center locations and less for rural classes. There is a Club membership fee of £45 which includes uniform, BKM membership and insurance. Many BKM clubs offer special rates for students, First responders and full time Military or Police personnel. British Krav Maga clubs are student friendly and usually offer discounts to full time student

Is the kit expensive?

Basic training kit is included in your membership fee. As you progress, a gum shield, gloves, groin, & shin protection are recommended. These can often be obtained from your Instructor at preferential rates. Comprehensive protective equipment and be purchased for more advanced students for less than £150. So Krav Maga is not an expensive activity.

How do I get started?

There are two ways to get involved in Krav Maga. Attend any of the BKMA public seminars or Bootcamps. This will give you a great immersive experience of training. However if you are not already fit and physically active, 4 intensive hours training may not be the best place to start. For a more progressive, beginner friendly approach use the CLASS FINDER and book a free trial lesson at any BKMA club. Here, the Instructor will start you off at a more gentle pace and you can work at your own preferred level.

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