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About Us

British Krav Maga is an Association of Krav Maga schools and Instructors teaching authentic Israeli Krav Maga as founded by Imi Sde Or.


Instructors and practitioners must be able to competantly demonstrate the ability to protect themselves under realistic conditions. This expectation is laid out in national standards and is a cornerstone of both Instructor and practitioner training.

National Standards

All certified British Krav Maga schools deliver training from a research-based, empirically driven curricula of training. British Krav Maga test Instructors and students against consistent national standards across the UK.


Our Krav Maga lineage originally came directly through Eyal Yanilov and Amnon Darsa, direct students of Imi Sde Or. Later training was effected significantly by Instructors Thierry Viatour (RIP) and Jon Pascal of Darren Levene’s Krav Maga Worldwide

Our Krav Maga lineage can be traced directly back to the founder Imi Sde Or.

Our Purpose

The primary purpose of British Krav Maga is to provide members with a high standard of credible professional Coaching in Krav Maga.


As a British based training organisation we have no remit or opinion on middle eastern politics.

Like many sporting governing bodies we believe politics has no place in training.

Evidence based

The National Curricula reflects the nature of street violence as experienced in the UK. The curricula is structured around current crime statistics, member surveys and contemporary research into human performance under pressure.

Instructor Certification

British Krav Maga has one of the most credible and professional Instructor Development programmes in the World. The Instructor Development Programme is a highly detailed course taking potential instructors through an intense, accelerated programme of teaching, training and theory elements.

More information on the Krav Maga Instructor Development process can be found here.[LINK]

How it all started

British Krav Maga was founded by Paul Grey in 2010. Paul, a professional Krav Maga Instructor was frustrated by the lack of Instructor support and organisational infrastructure of existing organisations. Paul established an organisation centred on needs of the schools rather than the needs of the organisation.

British Krav Maga was the first Krav Maga organisation to provide professionally designed websites,  student billing, a national booking system,  marketing materials, lesson plans and business training along side technical training in Krav Maga.

Within 12 months of it’s foundation British Krav Maga had been recognised by the Ministry of Defence for training, had populated schools across the UK and become one of Europes fastest growing Krav Maga Organisations.

The future is bright.

British Krav Maga® certified schools continue to thrive across the UK with expanding Assistant, Apprentice and Graduate Instructor courses. The range of British Krav Maga certified training programmes has also increased further in 2017 to include a combatives programme, specialist self-defence programme, Krav Maga Juniors and *Military certifications.

*Conditions apply

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