british krav maga: Close-quater-combat-training-bkmaWhat is Krav Maga

Krav Maga is a method of hand to hand combat originating in the Israeli Military. Developed by Imi Sde Or  in 1948,  Krav Maga was originally developed as the Israeli Defence Forces needed an effective programme of Close Quarter Combat skills suitable for urban warfare. 

The IDF Krav Maga programme had to be effective for soldiers of different sizes, ages, fitness levels and abilities. The system also needed to be taught in a shortest period of time, be easily retained and require minimal updating.  To fulfill these requirements Krav Maga had to be simple, instinctive and apply the same techniques to a range of different situations. This training had to work if soldiers were injured, unarmed, outnumbered or fighting from positions of tactical disadvantage.

The Krav Maga programme proved more successful than could ever have ever been imagined. The principles and techniques developed in the military system were quickly and easily adapted for both Policing duties and civil self defence programmes and were being taught to the Israeli population by the 1970’s.

By the early 1990’s Krav Maga had evolved to a method of self defence training taught to civilians, military and Law Enforcement agencies globally figure headed by the likes of Eyal Yanilov and Darren Levele and David Kahn. Krav Maga is now the largest Reality Based Self Defence system in the world and is still taught to thousands of military and police units  and to millions of civilians worldwide.

British Krav Maga provides authentic Krav Maga as taught by the founder Imi Sde Or