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Military Krav Maga Courses



British Krav Maga military programmes deliver detailed physical training for frontline personnel.  The BKMA Military Krav Maga programme is a research based approach to accelerated skills acquisition delivered by experienced, former Military Instructors with a minimum of 24 days specialist Krav Maga training.

BKMA Military Programmes offer a cost effective, easily integrated defensive tactics programme delivered by experienced Military Instructors.


British Krav Maga provide specialist training in Krav Maga for Military, Close protection and High risk security applications. Training is delivered by an experienced team of Military Instructors (Royal Marines – CTC and specialist British Army roles) with operational expertise in Military Krav Maga and current CQC doctrine.

This course is NOT available to the general public.

Defensive tactics training - an integrated approach

Through almost 70 years of evolution Krav Maga evolved into a simple yet highly effective military training system with minimal training requirements and high skill uptake. Krav Maga trained personnel experience low skill fade and high functional retention under stress.

British Krav maga Military Instructors deliver simple – instinctive movements via a range of stress-inducing scenarios. The nature of this training allows personnel to experience scenarios where, for any number of reasons, operators face life threatening situations when they may be unarmed or in which higher force options cannot immediately be accessed.

In this situation personnel quickly develop sound, aggressive, armed/unarmed defensive techniques and combatives until a transition to a higher force option can be achieved or acquired. The British Krav Maga Military Krav Maga program features both offensive and defensive techniques.

 Training Team 

The British Krav Maga Association Military training team are all experienced former military Instructors with recent operational experience. In addition, the BKMA Military training team have completed full BKMA Krav Maga Instructor Training (24 Days) and gone on to specialise in Military combatives.

 Military Krav Maga Courses structure 

A range of cost effective courses can be delivered at your location, alternatively a bespoke course can be designed and delivered to meet your specifications. Military Krav Maga course content is designed to integrate within current OBUA/FIBUA operational practice.

1 Day speciality courses

Designed for serving personnel working within an urban environment. The course is structured to working with current weapons systems using lethal and less than lethal options.

2 Day speciality courses

More in-depth training for personnel including multiple weapons systems and a greater variety of scenarios.

More Information

Contact British Krav Maga regarding courses or booking a guest Instructor for your unit.

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