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‘The Course is extremely professional we received outstanding instruction and support throughout. The course is physically demanding and challenging, but incredibly rewarding.

I would, without hesitation, wholly recommend Paul Grey and British Krav Maga for service leavers or those wishing to teach Krav Maga as part of their transition into civilian life.’

Brian Smith - former CQB Instructor Royal MarinesProfessional InstructorCourse Review

‘It’s unlike any other course I have undertaken in the civilian world. It is far more like that experienced in the military and anyone wanting to attend should prepare themselves appropriately.

The form of physical and mental robustness was perhaps more than I expected, but made for a superb end to the course and the feeling of really earning one's place in the organisation."

Sean Lerwill - Author Mens HealthPTI Royal Marines. Fitness AuthorCourse Review

‘Quality was very high, we dealt with very few scenarios I hadn’t dealt with before, however Pauls knowledge on the simplest and most effective techniques coupled with his specific reasoning for selecting that technique was very impressive.

I would highly recommend BKMA instructor training to aspiring Krav instructor no matter how good or experienced you think you are I can guarantee you will learn something new.

Mike Potter - professional Krav Maga InstructorKrav Maga LeedsCourse Review

Learn from the best. Our skilled Coaches are all successfull School Owners with thousand of hours coaching experience. You'll  get you everything you need to deliver dynamic Krav Maga classes with confidence, including:


  • Hands on practical training

    You'll receive detailed, individualised training in real Krav Maga from a highly experienced National Coach. Your Instructor Training experience is structured to take you to the highest possible standard in the shortest period of time using modern accelerated under the watchful eye of a national coach.

  • Learn how to teach and coach properly

    You'll recieve detailed practical sessions on class structure, corrections, biomechanics and coaching theory. You'll learn the skills to plan, organise and deliver Krav Maga classes to a professional standard. But most importantaly you'll get hands on teaching practice from Day 2. On course completion, you should be competent to deliver your own classes to a high professional standard.

  • Continued Professional Development

    We view your training as a journey not a single destination.  Basic certification is just the beginning. British Krav Maga® offers regular updates, specialist and advanced training modules and business development training.  Continued professional development is critical to your own continued growth and personal development within Krav Maga.

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