About British Krav Maga

British Krav Maga is a network of clubs providing professional coaching in Israeli Krav Maga. The term ‘British Krav Maga’ refers to our location rather than a style or interpretation of Krav Maga.

What we do

British Krav Maga schools deliver a research based, national programme with a particular emphasis on realism and practical self protection training.

Primary purpose

British Krav Maga’s primary purpose is to provide a professional standard of coaching in  self protection via Krav Maga. We wont teach techniques that contradict this purpose. Training must be simple, direct and pressure tested.

Integrity in training

Quality matters.

We won’t award grades to those who don’t meet the standard and we wont promote ‘5 Day Instructor Courses’ for organisational growth or increased profit. Both lack credibility and integrity.

Krav Maga and Politics

We are a British based organisation with no political agenda.

Whether its organisational politics, (‘my association/style is better than yours’), or International politics, (‘my country/religion is better than yours’). We avoid them.

An open approach to training

We acknowledge that the stark reality of violence means that there is not always a perfect answer.

We are open to new, better or more efficient training. The point at which an individual believes they have all the answers is the point at which they begin to diminish.