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One of the British Krav Maga Association’s most exciting challenges is to communicate what an incredibly varied and versatile activity krav maga is. British Krav Maga clubs cover a diverse range of training skills from Combat Athletics, general krav maga classes, recreational Krav Maga Fight programmes, Women only krav maga courses, Adrenalised Krav Maga programmes, and specialised Krav Maga courses for security and military personnel.
Take part in Krav Maga
You can take part in Krav Maga classes, courses and Bootcamps at any British Krav Maga Association schools across the UK. Try your hand at krav maga through a free ‘Try Krav Maga’ class at a BKMA club near you. We have a Club Finder and some great instructors across the country who can help you get started and find a way of training that suits you.  



Next Steps in Krav Maga
If you enjoy your Krav Maga try out session you could move on to the ‘Krav Maga Fast Start’ programme. Fast Start is a specific, beginner friendly Krav Maga programme designed to build your fitness and training skills in just 16 weeks. Fast Start uses British Krav Maga’s Reality Based, research driven curricula alongside a unique accelerated training method. Fast Start was launched as part of British Krav Maga’s drive to increase participation and create a thriving legacy for Krav Maga here in the UK.

British Krav Maga clubs are committed to finding new ways to get you to train so that we can get people participating in Krav Maga, whatever their lifestyle. It’s all about building confidence through great training, being healthy, and sometimes just having fun training with new friends.