Krav Maga Instructor Course Review: ManselThewlis

Case Study: British Krav Maga Licensee

The course has been top drawer from start to finish.  The training is as you'd expect - hard, comprehensive and detailed, both in terms of the Krav Maga, but also in the detail of how to set up, run and importantly maintain a successful school.

Mansel Thewlis

Servicing Officer. British Army

Introducing Mansel Thewlis
Mansel Thewlis is an Officer currently serving with the British Army.

Mansel has a history of Krav Maga training with the BKMA and the IKMF prior to applying for Instructor training. Mansel currently teaches on camp to Army personnel.

The empirical research that underpins the Course is excellent and not something I'd benefitted from previously.

My name is Mansel Thewlis.  I started Krav Maga Training in 2012 and trained with several clubs and different organisations.

I quickly discovered that the vagaries of Army life meant settling into a club was difficult and decided to pursue the instructor route, both as a way of developing myself, but also to enable me to give something back by teaching Service personnel something I am passionate about.

The variety of routes to Instructor certification and testimonials from other Service personnel attracted me to British Krav Maga.

The course requires physical and mental robustness to succeed, but this is reassuring - it means that the association will not compromise on standards of those it certifies to teach.

Having completed the course, I feel confident to build my own school and train students.

Training doesn't stop once you've certified, however, and the BKMA Instructor support package of follow-on training, information and instructor updates is going to be invaluable on my own journey.

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