Continued Professional Development

The BKMA Instructor Development Programme begins with Basic Training. Basic Training lays the foundations for a progressive programme of more Advanced Krav Maga training.


Krav Maga Instructor Progression

A fresh approach to training

The BKMA Instructor Development Programme is a flexible and progressive path to continued Professional Development. The programme is structured to meet an Instructors changing needs as they develop personally and professionally. Whilst Instructors may develop at different rates, their  needs are consistent at each level they reach. The BKMA approach to Instructor development  is to support this evolution via a progressive and intuitive .

BKMA Instructor training programme addresses the normal stages of Instructor Development

  • Consolidation of Foundation skills
  • Development of Specialist skills
  • Development of expertise (advanced) skills
  • Mastery of a broad range of skills

So we designed a program that would match the needs of the Instructor at different stages of their own development. Rather than having the usual linear model of progression, we designed a 4 tier model that reflected the developmental needs of the individual instructor. As a result our training is more efficient to deliver, more intuitive in practice. And faster to learn.

Consolidation Stage

On completion of Basic Training (Level 1) BKMA Instructors start to teach novice classes. Instructors have a 6 month mentorship period. Here they are supported and mentored with their schools and with their personal development. After 6 months continued training Instructors  attend Level 2 training to continue their professional development. This period is called Consolidation.


Specialty Stage

Typically Instructors are keen to develop their skills further. At this stage Instructors start specialist training in modules of groundfighting, Cutting and striking weapons and firearms.


Advanced Stage

Once Instructors have completed the speciality stage  they are ready to learn and deliver increasingly advanced training. Advanced training consists of 3 modules at an advanced level. On completion Instructors should be able to delive the entire Krav Maga Curricula through to advanced stages as a practitioner and an Instructor.


Master Instructor

By Invitation only


Krav Maga Instructor Development Program.