Assessing your performance in Krav Maga training: The Grading Process

Progress in any athletic activity is a combination of 3 specific elements.

  • A clear, progressive training programme
  • Regular, specific training goals.
  • Regular assessment and re evaluation of training – gradings.

Being aware of your own progression is hard, really hard. We don’t improve in a consistent or uniform manner. We have plateaus (no change), troughs in performance (often caused by poor attendance, fatigue, injury), and those glorious spikes in performance, that day you were great, it all came together.

This difficulty assessing your own progress is compounded by the fact that those around you are also progressing at varying rates. You have no constant in class nothing consistent to measure your own performance against.

On a technique by technique basis you can assess your performance using the methods in our previous article.

Performance Assessment Pt1

Whilst this approach works well on an individual technique basis, it’s too cumbersome and time consuming to give a larger, overall picture of your performance. This is where you need a skilled coach/instructor and a clear criteria to measure yourself against.

To provide students with this objective measure of performance and progress we use the BKMA National Curricula. The National Curricula provides krav maga students with a progressive, structured route of athletic development and an objective measure by which your own performance can be judged.

The National curricula is integrated into a 4 stage assessment process that is designed to accelerate athletic progress within a progressive structured coaching programme.