The British Krav Maga Association

Normally we’d welcome you with warm words and open arms, but not today. Today is the day we cut the chitchat, drop the smalltalk and humbly ask you the only question that really matters...

Are you serious about becoming an Instructor ?

Forget the “who, how or what” and take a moment to really think about this.


Would you like to become a professional instructor supported and promoted  by a large national organisation, namely the British Krav Maga Association?

Could you prepare for 21 days of intensive training, achieve Nationally Recognised Qualifications and then go on to run your own training centre with our support and promotion ?


If you think the answer could be yes, we'd love to hear from you.


The BKMA are looking for trainee Instructors who could provide structured, professional coaching in Krav Maga whilst maintaining the standards and quality of our Association. You don't have to be an Instructor or a Black Belt.


You do need to be physically fit, highly motivated and have a consistent and credible level of training in a striking system, preferably Boxing, Mauy Thai, MMA or Kickboxing.


Quality Counts


From our experience, quality and professionalism equate to commercial success. Therefore we aim to train skilled professional Instructors who can deliver exceptional standards of training and in turn enjoy commercial successful.


If you think you've got what it takes' to make a go of this, then we'd really like to hear from you. So take a minute, fill out the form and find out what we have to offer.
To answer some common questions right here and right now:

No: we are not a franchise
No: we don't do 5 day 'Instructor' courses, and... 

No: we will not accept or certify anybody - you need to meet the standards and pass assessment

Yes: it is real Krav Maga
Yes: we are a credible, national organisation and are commercially successful

Yes, you will have to pay to attend the 21 day course*

 * Course fee £2 999 - Finance available (T & C's apply)
For some of you, this moment, right here right now, just might be a life changing moment, if you think this could be you fill out the form on the right and we'll send you more information
Will Bayley: Krav Maga Swindon
"With the success of my schools, and the incredible learning experience from such a demanding Course, I can't speak highly enough of BKMA Instructor training. I wish I'd done it 10 years ago."
Mark Edwards:  R.S.M Royal Marines Retd.
"Within hours I knew I'd made the right decision. Training was first class and exceeded my expectations. The sections on managing a school and marketing were priceless and worth the course fee by themselves.
Aftercare and support has been excellent and allowed me to set up my own school and starting earning money in the shortest time.   If you are serious about starting your own school this is probably your best bet."
Jason Burnett, Krav Maga Newport

"I genuinely believe that BKMA Instructor training was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do in my life, and therefore one of the most worthwhile achievements. Of all the certificates on my wall the BKMA G1 Instructor Certificate is the most proudly displayed,… you can’t take a shortcut to that type of achievement."