Instructor TrainingInstructor Development: March

Date: Friday the 28th of Feb until Sunday the 2nd of March 2014


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3 Days of  Instructor Continued Professional Development.  Instructors may attend single days or all 3 days if they intend to grade. The Instructor grading is held on day 3.



Provisionally: Clifton College saturday and sunday.  An alternative location will be booked for the Friday.

Instructor Grading

Instructors must have regularly attended update training and to have completed 3 days training in this block.

Levels assessed G2 – G4.

Booking your Place

Pre booking is required.  Bookings close 7 days before the event. The final day of training covers grading preperation and grading and will be physically demanding. Minimum numbers of 3 are required for grading. If there are insufficient numbers a refund of £69 will be made for the final day

Current Grade