Instructor Training – Candidate Information

This form is for those interested in attending a British Krav Maga Instructor course, it should take around 5 minutes. Take your time and answer as fully as possible.

These questions come from our Instructor coaching programme and have proven valuable to countless Instructors. They should make you think through your goals, where you are now and what challenges you may have to overcome. We will help you identify what help you need, your most effective course of action and what help we need to provide.

Good luck, I hope to speak with you soon.

Paul Grey – Training Director. British Krav Maga.

Licensee Application Form

    Please choose your preferred course.
  • Have you approached the owners, do you own a venue?
  • Please tell is a little about your previous training experience and how long you have trained or grades achieved. Mark None if appropriate.
  • Training, duration, role... Mark none if appropriate.
    Can you select which best describes your previous Krav Maga training. We do not require previous Krav Maga training for entry.
  • Outline any previous teaching experience/qualifications. This could be martial arts, fitness or your work. If you have none please mark none. We do not require previous teaching experience.
  • Some occupations require a different approach to achieving your goals.
  • Do you want to open your own school/class. what are your plans, would you like to run a small part time school or build a full-time venue. Please take some time to think this through as it helps us to decide whether we are in a position to help you achieve your goals.
  • In the previous question, you identified what you wanted to achieve by becoming an instructor. In addition to doing a course like this, what steps do you think you need to take to meet your goals.
  • What challenges will you have to overcome, eg getting new students, learning how to teach - maybe you see few challenges.
  • What support/resources do you think you need to help you achieve your goals.
  • Are there any specific questions we can answer? Thank you.