“If Training and Reality are different, then training is wrong.”

British Krav Maga Association has become the fastest growing Krav Maga Organisation in the UK. We run what is probably the most demanding Krav Maga Instructor course in Europe. We rejected some of what is taught by the existing orthodoxy in favor of more modern training practices.

Our Ethos

We believe Krav Maga training should remain a simple, aggressive and realistic survival system. Its not a martial art, it is a simple, aggressive personal protection system.  Think Saturday night pub brawl – not Jackie Chan movies. This is what Krav Maga was designed for. There are few subtitles about repeatedly kneeing or kicking somebody in the groin – however the consistency of effect is undeniable.  This is the core of Krav Maga. Simplicity – aggressive defence and undeniable realism.

As an association we reject the watering down of the system as can be seen in many of the larger commercial Krav Maga Organisations. As these organisations add more and more techniques to the curricula, the system becomes increasing like every other martial art and is a million miles from what made Krav Maga what it is.

Although many organisations stress the military roots of Krav Maga they have added so much to their curricula that  the core of Krav Maga is lost amongst a mish mash of techniques.  This is a million miles from the simple, effective training found at the roots of Krav Maga or in the Israeli Defence Forces.

This may be great for business. More techniques means more lessons, more gradings, more seminars and of course more money.

We reject this commercialisation of Krav Maga.  Krav Maga training should be a tough, realistic,and a true fighting system. Techniques taught should be simple, versatile and forgiving of error.

So who are we and what do we do…

Who we are.

The British Krav Maga Association is an Association of Krav Maga schools that are committed to a set of shared training ideals. We provide a high standard of professional training under the supervision of carefully selected and well trained Instructors. The system we teach is logical, intuitive and continually evolving.
An open approach to training

The BKMA encourages the open exchange of training and learning. We encourage members to develop an ethos of rigorous, open minded training and continued personal development. This applies to students, instructors and the Association as an entity.

Continual development

Krav Maga is a dynamic, evolving self protection system. Its not a martial art. It should not be time locked. Krav Maga should evolve in the face of any better information or training methods. The system should be focused on the survival of the individual – not obsessed with Organisational politics or the ego of an instructor.

As an Association we are committed to continue to –

*Evolve and not to be bound by someone else’s opinion of what Krav Maga should be.

*Review and up date our curricula in the face of research, common sense, better practice or changing threats.

*Evolve Krav Maga training methods if safer, easier or more efficient training methods are found.

*Recognising that when training and reality differ – training is wrong.

The Founder

The British Krav Maga Association was founded by Paul Grey, a life long martial artist and professional Krav Maga Instructor. Paul heads up the Association but remains a perpetual beginner at heart – always learning and constantly mindful that we never know as much as we think we do ;-)
Krav Maga and Politics

In short, we don’t do them. We reject the assertion that any single Person or Organisation ‘owns’ Krav Maga. Imi (the founder) chose not to name a successor. He actively encouraged different organisations to flourish during his lifetime. Since his death no fewer than 8 people have proclaimed themselves his successor.  We are happy to train with or learn from good Krav Maga practitioners – regardless of what badge or logo they wear.

Krav Maga and Middle Eastern politics

Again we don’t do them. We are a British organisation teaching an Israeli combat system. We welcome people of all races, creeds and religions.