BKMA Krav Maga Intensive Development Programme

The BKMA are attempting to make the Krav Maga Instructor Certification Programme accessible to more people. We have received a lot of enquiries from promising candidates who do not meet current Instructor course requirements but would like help preparing for Instructor training.

Our challenge was to lift the technical standards of less experienced students without lowering the technical standards of our Krav Maga Instructor Certification Programme.

As a result we have launched the BKMA Access Programme, an intensive coaching programme

What is the Access Programme?

The Access programme is a 10 week coaching programme split over 3 weekend training camps. Each weekend covers a range of Krav Maga skills that students take away and practice in their own home supported by BKMA manuals and online via the BKMA coaching programme. The Access Programme makes no assumptions of technical expertise coaching students from scratch.

Who is the Access Program for?

The Access programme was written specifically for:

1. Those interested in Krav Maga Instructor training but who do not meet the BKMA minimum requirements
2. Those wanting a recognised, in depth coaching programme in Israeli Krav Maga

Do I have to commit to Instructor Training to attend?

No. Some students attend as they want a credible, accelerated training programme for their own development.

Does the Access Programme qualify me to teach?

No. The Access Programme is an accelerated coaching programme designed to take students to a level of proficiency in the shortest period of time, it is not an instructor qualification.*

*We appreciate there are an abundance of quick 5-7 day ‘Instructor’ courses on the market. These courses have significant issues with both credibility and quality standards. You can chose quick or credible. Sadly, you can’t have both.

Is there a fitness test?

No. There are no technical or physical requirements to attend.

Does the Access Programme guarantee me a place on the Instructor Certification Programme?

No. Most graduates of the Access Programme should be competent to begin instructor training should they chose. However we can’t guarantee entry to the Instruct Certification Programme for every student.

What is covered?

Full details can be obtained in the Access Programme information pack.

How do I enrol in the programme?

There are no technical or fitness requirements to attend. However students must be over 18 years of age and be able to attend all 3 weekends prior to committing to the course.

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