Krav Maga Instructor Course: F.A.Q

How Much ?

Where ?

We offer 2 courses. A Certificate and a Diploma course. Course costs are £1999 for 16 days and £2999 for 24 days.  Food and accommodation are NOT includedWeston Super Mare unless otherwise stated. We use a Pro MMA gym for training. Weston Super Mare has also has a wide range of cheap B&B available.

How long is basic training ?

 How much time do I need off work ?

16 or 24 DAYS delivered in 2 or 3  eight day phases.  We also offer a weekend based course delivered over one 4 day block and 6 weekends over 6 months.
2 weeks annual leave as a minimum.  Each phase consists of two weekends and the week between. Alternatively it can be delivered as a single 16 day block (three weekends and two weeks). The training phases can be slotted into two separate annual leave years.

 Is it real Krav Maga ?

 Why authentic Krav Maga ?

 Yes. British Krav Maga teaches Krav Maga as founded by Imi Lichtenfeldt. Although various Krav Maga organisations argue about who is the heir to Imi, Krav Maga is remarkably consistent from group to group. Training at any British Krav Maga school will be instantly recognisable to any other Krav Maga organisation in the UK or abroad.People choose Krav Maga due to its’ history, its’ ethos and its’ evolution.  Krav Maga is quite literally the Worlds most Battle tested Hand to Hand combat method.  This pedigree attracts some dubious characters wanting to cash in on Krav Maga and its popularity. As a result a range of copy cat systems have cropped up assorted instructor courses.  Always train with a large credible Krav Maga organisation – avoid the quick be an instructor in a week courses.

 Can anyone do Instructor Basic Training

 Will I get a Black Belt ?

Becoming a professional Instructor requires a high standard of physical skills, physical fitness and preparation. If you train in any combat sport regularly, are fit and active then Instructor training is achievable. No Krav Maga experience is required. Age is not a barrier to fit and active individuals. The Association does not award Black Belts. Black belt standards vary greatly from organisation to organisation. A Black belt is not a consistent measure of competence.  BKMA certification offers a Level of credibility not attained by a Black Belt.

 What Qualifications are included ?

 What support will I get after training ?

British Krav Maga offers a  Level 3 ‘Train the trainer’ Award. This is a professional trainers certification. The BKMA Krav Maga Instructor course is the only course offering a full professionally recognised training qualification. BKMA support includes business planning and start up support.  The BKMA also provides services including  including a successful business model, online direct debit, member to member insurance, professionally built websites, social media support, online booking and phone support.

Do I have to be fit to attend ?

Is this a credible Instructor certification ?

 You are required to train consistently at moderate levels for 8 hours a day. Intermittent high intensity training is included but these sessions are limited. You need to be fit enough to sustain training every day for 9 or 16 days at a time. We strongly suggest all candidates undertake a conditioning programme prior to the course.  Poor physical conditioning almost inevitably leads to failure as early fatigue effects skill learning and development.The BKMA is the only Krav Maga organisation whose Instructor course offers nationally accredited, recognised qualifications. The BKMA is also the only martial arts organisation of any sort recognised and funded by the Ministry of Defence ELC scheme.  The BKMA is a national organisation, and the fastest growing Krav Maga Organisation in the UK.

Is this a franchise ?

Do I have to join the BKMA if I come on the course ?

No. The BKMA is not a franchise. We are a community of like minded professional instructors and students working together. If you chose to join us there is a monthly licensing fee.Like most larger organisations, we only train those wanting to be a licensed instructor.  If not we lose all quality control over our name and schools.

 Is any funding available for the course?

Is any finance available ?

Yes. We are registered for the MOD Enhanced learning credits scheme for military personnel. The scheme will pay 80% of course fees up to a maximum of £2000.The Association can occasionally  spread the cost for civilian instructors who want to open their own schools. A deposit is required and the remaining cost is spread over 12 months. This is subject to conditions, credit checks etc.




Please Note:

This is an assessed, quality controlled course. Attendance does NOT guarantee passing.  Candidates should ensure they are fit and meet  the pre requisite requirements prior to starting.

I am really interested but….

If you have any questions please feel free to ring ( 078 1234 6025) or email.  We are an open inclusive group and will be delighted to help if we can.