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@ Manchester Krav Maga

BRITISH KRAV MAGA Accredited training

Oasis Academy - Salford, Manchester

Thursday & Saturdays

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 Nationally Recognised Training in Salford

Krav Maga is an exciting blend of Israeli Military Self Defence and fitness training. British Krav Maga Schools offering an exciting programme of authentic Krav Maga  for all abilities.

From edged weapons, firearms & groundfighting, through to high intensity fitnesss,  Krav Maga has it all.

Come & test drive Krav Maga and experience the difference... and your first lesson is Free

* Over 18's only

What people are saying...

"Few Martial Arts are as effective as Krav Maga.  The pedigree & the intensity set it apart & we know quite a bit about the subject."

- Combat Magazine

"Krav Maga: The most Realistic Self Defence system  in the UK today"

- Sunday Times Magazine

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